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Debt Recoveries

Debt Recoveries

Specialist Industry Knowledge
Debt recovery in industries such as the international transport, freight and trade industries can be problematic for generalist debt collection agencies and law firms. There are many issues at play such as international insurance claims and complex terms for international contracts of carriage. Carmody Lawyers solve these issues quickly by having in depth knowledge from working within and with services industries for over 25 years.

Economical Fees
Our standard fee structure for debt collection for international freight customers is up to half the cost of comparative services provided by generalist debt collection agencies.

No hidden costs to brief external lawyers
Unlike other debt recovery agencies we are also lawyers. If your matter requires litigation, we can handle the case ourselves, saving you cost and time and to brief new lawyers.

Our specialised freight industry debt collection professionals can cut your direct expense cost, recover a greater percentage of your debts faster and help increase your business profitability by better managing your debtors. If it’s time for you to start to cut costs and experience these savings, call 1300 882 351 or Contact Us now.

Commission and Fee Structure

Our particular expertise ensures that we can get to the heart of the issue most economically and efficiently to recover your debt.

1. Recoveries Without Litigation

No Collection = No Fee

Moneys Collected Commission
$0-$500 50%+GST
$500-$1,000 25%+GST
$1,001-$2,500 20%+GST
$2,501-$10,000 15%+GST
$10,001-$50,000 9%+GST
+ $50,000 6%+GST

2. Recoveries With Litigation

No Collection = No Fee (excl. Court Costs, eg filing fees)

A flat 10%+GST plus legal costs for recovery and enforcement of judgments in accordance with the Legal Profession Regulation 2005 – Schedule 2 Scale of costs.

If your matter requires litigation the process for us is simple. Unlike other debt recovery “specialists” we are also lawyers.  We will accept your instructions and seamlessly commence and conduct the proceedings in court, all the way if necessary through to obtaining an order to enforce the judgment in your favour.  There are no hidden costs or extra fees for briefing external lawyers.

Please note as we ONLY charge fees in accordance with the Court Scale upon obtaining a court judgment in the matter, we are usually able to receive an order that the debtor pay our costs and the court costs in addition to the debt.

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