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Carmody Lawyers

We are a specialised litigation law firm with a focus on immediate, results oriented responses to the array of legal challenges that confront our commercial and personal clients. We are different because we understand how business works and also possess an authoritative knowledge of court processes and procedure.

Our Approach

Our reputation is that of a ‘can do’ one-stop firm that is able to respond quickly and effectively whilst providing clients with personal attention.

Integrity of our firm

Integrity goes beyond the client / lawyer trust relationship and relates to respect within the law profession. Our lawyer colleagues, the prosecution and the courts respect us because they know us. This helps bring about an efficient and just result, with a favourable outcome for you.

Knowledge to solve matters

Our experience and understanding means we can identify issues fast and our personal and business law litigation specialists know how the court system works. We know how to provide a speedy solution for you which is also cost effective.

People of Action

We are people of action, we get things done and have a positive “can do” attitude. We believe it’s important to resolve matters quickly and push through the legal system. We negotiate hard for a satisfactory result and understand both personal issues and commercial realities.

Timely Support

It is an unfortunate reality that no amount of planning or preparation can safeguard anyone against being drawn into legal disputes from time to time. At those times you need professional and specialised expertise to navigate the legal system.